Recommended Reading

Cat believes what we consume (media/text/music/etc.) has a huge compound effect on our well-being. Like a good diet for the body, it’s important to nourish the brain with “healthy food” so that one can always be at their best.

The following is a list of some of the most positively influential books she recommends. Genres include management & leadership, personal finance, and self-improvement.


Management & Leadership

This book lends insight on the kind of company you keep and why.

Leap First
If you’re itching to pursue your passion, you need to read this book.

Personal Finance

The Total Money Makeover
This is a book I wish I read in high school. Read my full book review.

The Millionaire Next Door
I also wish I read this book in high school.


The Magic of Thinking Big
Get rid of negative thinking and embrace opportunity with the help of this book.

The Icarus Deception
A lesson on flying too low.

What Every Body Is Saying
After reading this book I felt like I could read an unspoken language.